Market Research

Understand The Current Environment Influencing Buyers

The purpose of the market research services we provide at Webnox Corp. is to make available to you the information that helps you maximize the sales of your products and services while remaining a step ahead of the competition.

Market research invloves the analysis of information about your customers, competitors, and market environment. Thorough market research can help your business discover what users want, need, and believe. this information can be used to determine how to market your products or services effectively.

Webnox Corp. takes market research seriously because we believe that a clear understanding of the market environment is a prerequisite for any online venture. The questions that we work on answering during our research include:

  • Customers
    • who are they?
    • how can they be segmented?
    • what are they looking for?
    • where can they be reached online?
    • how are they influenced?
    • what is their spending power?
    • who do they buy from now?
    • are they satisfied with what they can get now?
    • will your products/services make their lives easier?
  • Competitors
    • who are they?
    • what is their share of the market?
    • what services/products are they lacking?
    • what are their strengths and weaknesses?
    • how do they attract new customers and hang on to existing ones?
    • how flexible to change are they?
  • Environment
    • what related services/products dominate the market now?
    • what are the trends?
    • what are the influencing factors?
    • successful business models
    • successful advertising venues

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