Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Tap Into The Highest Sources Of Traffic On the Web

Search engines are appealing to advertisers because millions of people use them to find services every day. In fact, billions of dollars were spent on search engine marketing in North America alone. An advantage that search engine marketing has over display advertising is that the user is using the search engine to find a service or product that you provide, so the user is likely to buy.

With search engine marketing, you pay to have your ads displayed to the user when he/she is searching for something similar to what you are trying to promote. The three top search engines that provide the services are Google (Google Adwords), Yahoo! (Yahoo! Search Marketing), and MSN.

However, even though many advertisers make considerable sales through search engine marketing, most people end up spending thousands of dollars with little results. Even though the search engines say that selling through their advertising services is as simple as opening an account and writing up an ad, most advertisers who go this route end up disappointed. This is due to their lack of experience using these services. There is more to search engine marketing than writing an ad and bidding for a good placement position. Some of the factors that go into play include:

All of the above has to be taken into consideration when creating your advertising campaign. While there is no exact formula, experience is useful, and considerable patience and tweaking is required to perfect the campaign.