Social Media Optimization

Generate Publicity Through Social Media and Online Communities

It can be as simple as adding a "Digg This" button to your web pages, or as time consuming as setting up a Facebook group and talking to people one by one. But the potential publicity from social media is incredible and viral.

The potential of social networks was realized by search engine optimizers and online marketers early on in 2006 when online communities became increasingly popular. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Increase your linkability. Give websites reasons to link to you. Use blogs, communities, videos, and other interesting content
  • Make tagging and bookmarking easy. Add html code for users to link to your pages and embed your videos. Use buttons from social bookmarking websites for users to promote your content virally.
  • Reward inbound links. Give blogs and websites an insentive to link to you by promoting them, even temporarily.
  • Make your content travel. It's not all web browsers out there. Think instant messaging, Video IPod, etc.
  • Encourage re-use. Let others re-use your content or tools to produce something new.
  • Be resource to your users. Add value and outbound links. Even if it doesn’t help in the short term, it will in the long.
  • Reward helpful and valuable users. Give credit to those who deserve it.
  • Participate. Get involved in the discussions going on, but don’t try to force it.
  • Know how to target your audience. Understand your strengths and the people you wish to attract.
  • Be real. No one likes a fake


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