Customer Behavior

What Does It Take To Convince Your Customers To Buy?

You build the perfect website, run your marketing campaigns, watch the traffic to your website, but get no sales. Why?

Did you research your potential customers first? Do you know what they really need? Do you know what it takes to convince them? Is your website customized properly for them?

Considerable psychological and sociological factors influence customer behavior. Explanations which make perfect sense to you may have no impact on your potential customers. It takes research and experience to understand web users, know what they need, and know when they buy. This information may be critical to your business because it may mean the difference between loss or profitability. Sometimes, even changing the wording of a paragraph can increase your conversion rate by 25% or more. This means that you will get 25% more sales from the same website traffic.

If you are having trouble converting your website visitors into buyers, or if you are launching a new website and want to optimize it for maximum sales, Webnox can help you analyze the behavior of your website's users. We will work on determining the best approach to convince your users to buy.

Some of the areas we research and analyze include:

  • the types (demographics) of users visiting your website, and their various needs
  • current users versus ideal users
  • reasons why users are not buying
  • what it takes to motivate users buy your products and/or services
  • alternative options for your users
  • user preferences


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