Provide Good Customer Service

How Businesses Can Provide Users with a Satisfying Experience

As in any type of business, providing excellent customer service online is essential.  Creating satisfied customers is they key to succeeding in any business. It is equally, if not more important to keep customers satisfied when dealing with them online as it is when dealing with the customer in person.

When dealing with customers online, there are several factors that a business must use to keep their customers satisfied.

Provide customers with direct instructions.
Customers do not like websites that cause them confusion and difficulty in ordering. Websites that provide excplicit instructions enable customers to shop in ease without any errors or confusion. If a website is selling a specific product, it is important to notify customers with specific details about the product, and how to place an order. Information on how the customer can pay for their orders, how the product will be shipped, and how the customer can track their orders are all beneficial for a company to provide.

If the website is providing a service, customers should be shown how to use the service, and what the service entails.

Pay attention to customer’s questions and concerns
It is important for customers to know that they can contact a business if need be. Making sure that an e-mail address or telephone number is provided to customers gives a business more credibility.

It is also beneficial for an online business to provide a frequently asked questions page. This is an efficient way for a business to provide answers to any questions customers may have. It can be a large time saver, as many questions customers may have are commonly linked to one another and may already be answered on the page.

Customers usually find businesses who respond quickly to their questions or concerns to be quite impressive. A recent study found that 42 percent of retails sites take five days or longer to respond to customers. The more efficient a business is in responding to customers questions, the greater the customer satisfaction will be.

Always ask for customer feedback
Asking customers their opinions on how they can be better served allows businesses to improve on their customer service. Taking into consideration customers suggestions makes room for improvement that may be much needed, and provides customers with the satisfaction of knowing that they are being listened to.

Pay Attention to returning customers
The more you know about your customers, the better you can service them. Paying attention to customer details allows businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level.

Giving customers the option of receiving e-mail notices, and sending personalized e-mails can be a nice touch to creating a satisfied customer. Sending updates and special occasion offers, as well as notices regarding new products that may interest customers makes customers feel important and helps them realize that the business cares about them.

Customers who are satisfied before, during and after the sale are customers that will return to a website. Effective customer service is important to the success of any business.

What Does It Take To Convince Your Customers To Buy?

You build the perfect website, run your marketing campaigns, watch the traffic to your website, but get no sales. Why?

Did you research your potential customers first? Do you know what they really need? Do you know what it takes to convince them? Is your website customized properly for them?

Considerable psychological and sociological factors influence customer behavior. Explanations which make perfect sense to you may have no impact on your potential customers. It takes research and experience to understand web users, know what they need, and know when they buy. This information may be critical to your business because it may mean the difference between loss or profitability. Sometimes, even changing the wording of a paragraph can increase your conversion rate by 25% or more. This means that you will get 25% more sales from the same website traffic.

If you are having trouble converting your website visitors into buyers, or if you are launching a new website and want to optimize it for maximum sales, Webnox can help you analyze the behavior of your website's users. We will work on determining the best approach to convince your users to buy.

Some of the areas we research and analyze include:

  • the types (demographics) of users visiting your website, and their various needs
  • current users versus ideal users
  • reasons why users are not buying
  • what it takes to motivate users buy your products and/or services
  • alternative options for your users
  • user preferences


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