Blog Editing and Maintenance

A business blog can increase traffic and customer confidence

Blogs have many benefits for business:

  • it is easier to receive one-way backlinks to blogs
  • they attract search engine traffic and send it on to the busines website
  • links from the blog to your website will increase the website's page rank
  • readers find blogs more personal and credible as opposed to the commercialism of a business website
  • it is easier to convince a user to buy on a blog

Unfortunately, maintaining a blog is very time-consuming and demanding. There is no such thing as a five-page blog. You need to keep writing those pages. You need to add new pages on a regular basis, either weekly, or, preferably, daily. Most small businesses do not have the time for this.

Webnox offers you a blogging solution for your business. We will create an optimized blog for you business, and keep adding well-optimized pages related to your services and products. Below are the blog services that we offer:

  • blog setup with 10 pages
  • all pages are 500 word or more
  • 1 new 500-word page every month
  • blog setup with 10 pages
  • all pages are 500 word or more
  • 1 new 500-word page every week
  • blog setup with 10 pages
  • all pages are 500 word or more
  • 5 new 500-word pages every week
  • blog setup with 10 pages and 2 videos
  • 5 new 500-word pages AND 1 new video every week

$499.95 SETUP
$49.95 MONTHLY

  $499.95 SETUP
$195.95 MONTHLY
  $499.95 SETUP
$999.95 MONTHLY
  $1,099.95 SETUP
$2,099.95 MONTHLY

Webnox will handle the complete setup and maintenance of your blog. We will login and add/modify pages as necessary. With the media blog, we will license videos related to your website and insert them in your blog pages to improve their search engine ranking and reputation. We will also create a YouTube page for your videos to host them and to redirect even more traffic to your blog and website.

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To help improve your rankings in search engine result pages, Webnox offers you the following proven services:

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Webnox provides Internet marketing services. We help you promote your website and sell your services and products. We offer three types of services:

Free Internet marketing
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We offer risk-free Internet marketing services. We will use our proven marketing methods to deliver paying customers to you. Start now ...

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