Viral Marketing

Can a website really be promoted by its own customers through contacts and word of mouth?

The growing popularity in social networks has created a large opportunity for businesses to gain exposure to millions of people.

Two out of every three people visit a social networking site; and since 2004 the number of people joining social networks online has grown by over 109%, and continues to grow.

Popular social networking sites such as Facebook have over 25 million users, and grow at an average of 3% each day.
People use social networks to communicate with friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Members can discuss opinions and share experiences or common interests.   When members of social networks find things that are of interest to them, or have pleasant experiences, they are likely to pass them along to their friends.

Many members of popular social networking sites have hundreds of friends in their network.  If a business can gain the attention of just one member they are given the opportunity to also be exposed to the hundreds of friends in that member’s network.

Word of Mouth is effective

Although word-of-mouth may not be the only means for a business to promote themselves, it is often viewed as the most cost efficient and effective.  Viral marketing has a large growth potential, enabling a company website to be well recognized throughout the World Wide Web.

Viral marketing created through social networks is usually caused my members referring a business to their friends.   When one person shares information or refers a friend to a certain product or service, that friend is likely to seek out more information. Studies have found that 45% of online shoppers choose ecommerce sites based on word of mouth recommendations. People tell friends about positive experiences they have with companies every day. Referrals are three times more likely to buy from you than those exposed to direct advertising.

That is why viral marketing is an important tool: it works, and it works effectively.

Webnox uses viral marketing to spread awareness about many of our clients' products and services, to increase their visibility, and to stir user interest.


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