Web 2.0 Marketing

Take Advantage Of Collaborative Communities And Sharing

Web 2.0 is a term used to describe the new generation of the World Wide Web. No longer simply a collaboration of several websites, the web is now thought of as an application that fits somewhere between a traditional web browser, and desktop applications.

Web 2.0 is a more interactive form of the web, made up of a collaboration of new technologies such as web syndications, podcasts, blogs, social networks, wikis, and RRS feeds, just to name a few.

A major benefit of all these applications, and the Web 2.0 as a whole, is the ability for users to communicate with one another and share their information online, in a simple and organized fashion. The Web 2.0 allows online experiences to be much more interactive than in the past.

Whereas the old generation of the web was about companies and ownership, the new generation of the web is about sharing and communities. The Web 2.0 is growing at a tremendous rate. With new applications and technologies available, it will not be long until the Web 2.0 completely changes the way we once viewed and used the web.

The following are considered to be critical success factors for succeeding in Web 2.0:

1. Learn what Web 2.0 has to offer
Web 2.0 offers many new technologies. The new generation consists of a great amount of interactivity and sharing. In order to be able to promote a company effectively, it is important for companies to understand the opportunities they have to promote their products, so they can use them to their fullest advantage. 

2. Post Videos
Using online video creates a large opportunity in promoting a business.  Feeding videos into search engines such as YouTube, gives companies the opportunity to potentially have there message viewed and passed along by thousands of people. YouTube has over 100 million video downloads per day, creating an  large window of opportunity for a company to get its video viewed by people all over the world.

3. Blog
Blogging is a great way to get recognition and promote your company. Many blogs allow a hyperlink to be added beside a name after an entry.  By locating popular blogs that may be of interest you certain target market, and writing intriguing entries, you can capture an audience’s attention. If a link to your website is then placed at the end of the entry, it is likely that people will be driven to click on the link.

4. Create Newsfeeds
Creating newsfeeds will allow those who have already visited your site to be notified of new information that may be of interest to them. Latest news, or videos added to your site will be immediately sent to those that have taken a feed from your website.

5. Know your target audience
Use social networks, blogs and other means to research the target market being sought and find out what they are after. Many of these tools are an effective way of finding out what the customer really wants, without having to spend large amounts of money.

6. Use social networking sites
Social networking sites can be a fast and easy way for a business to gain exposure. Social networks allow users to share experiences, and common interests, and pass along items that they may enjoy. By engaging in social networks companies are able to quickly spread word through a large quantity of people.  Social networking sites are a large part of online promotion.

7. Be creative
As in any type of promotion, creativity is important. A large part of a promotion in the Web 2.0 is allowing content of a company to become viral. In order for information to be passed along between internet users, its content must be unique and creative, making people want to share it with others.

8. Participate in online discussions
Actively participating in online discussions, and viewing what customers are saying about a product, is an effective way to learn what customers are after. The more a company knows about their customers, the better able they will be to promote their product or service.

9. Use social bookmarking
Social bookmarking is a way for internet users to store, classify, share and search internet bookmarks. Posting bookmark buttons on a company website encourages its visitors to bookmark content. Users can not only store sites they find useful, they are also able to pass them along to friends, making it more likely that your site will gain more recognition.

10. Web Syndication
Web syndication can benefit the promotion of a website by allowing its visitors to easily share content with friends, family, or colleagues.  Sharing causes more recognition for a web site and can be one of the most effective promotional tools on the web.


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